A visit to a tinsmith in the case of small damage to the body should be a last resort. First, we must leave the car in the garage for a few days. Secondly, each painting leaves traces of elements and resale there is a suspicion: the car is an accident!

Meanwhile, both small scrapes and dents which do not involve damage to the paint can be repaired in a simplified manner.

(27-02-2017) Even minor damage and scratches on the paintwork of the car should not be underestimated. It is not only aesthetic issues – in such a place may rapidly occur corrosion. Instead of ruining the painter, isolated remove the splinter. It is not difficult.

Besides straightening dents in plastic fenders and bumpers, which sometimes can straighten out the heat, we do not recommend self-repair attempts (unless it pleases us moderate effect).

You should know that usually Improper attempt to straighten dents prevents later to get the perfect effect by a professional. Then still use traditional methods of filling and painting.

Services professionals artists are not cheap. Deleting a single indentation parking will cost approx. 150- 180 pounds. When the indentations are more, of course, the price for the addition of one drop.

Dealers of new cars, which sometimes are damaged on large squares and in transport, it pays to even the arduous task of removing dents after – of course, they do not do it ourselves but paying skilled in the art. Sometimes workshops dealing with rapid repairs undertake to straighten large dents (such as images). The result is sometimes satisfactory.

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