How to fix a dent? Probably many of you ask themselves this question after the unpleasant surprise in the parking lot. Typically, the perpetrator flees, leaving our car flawed. We suggest how to cope alone with trace events.

Dent parking does not present the best – like a minor wound, but visible and disfigured. Hardly anyone decides to delete it. Traditional repair involves dismantling the door, paint, straightened sheet and filling the remaining inequalities spatula, and then painting. Usually, this operation takes a minimum of 2-3 days, costing several hundred pounds and leaves a trace in the form of a double layer of paint, which reduces the value and reliability of the car at resale.

(27-02-2017) Crayons masking features waxes and colorants are not permanent – 2-3 clean car “masking” the scars disappear. If paint damage is deep and reaches the substrate layer, you should not underestimate it, because the surface corrosion will be visible after a few days. The method described by us will allow for self-removal of scratches or chipping paint. But be warned – repaired spot will almost always be seen up close.

We know a better way to get rid of dents! If you just paint does not hurt, you can pull or push without having to paint the item. The method is so good that it does not perceive any trace of the recess. The whole operation takes half an hour, costs in the range of 150 pounds and does not reduce the value of the vehicle resale because one does not even realize that anything has happened with the element. I am sure that a better deal than the traditional repair flashing, right?

In order to push the dents (discourage independent attempts, is an art that requires training and tools) to get to the inside of the damaged item. At the door step starts from the top, parting the seal of the glass or the bottom – through the drain hole. You can also remove the small part of the door trim, even the handle. If we are not able to get to the inside of the door, a dent is trying to pull the plastic mushroom hot glued to paint. It takes much longer, however, is somewhat more difficult, and the effectiveness is not always equal to one hundred percent. Try not to hurt.

Dent repair step by step

The basic tool to complete the repair is special lamps which light reveals the smallest surface irregularities. Now we can prepare access to the damaged sheet metal on the inside thereof. If doors, we access the inner part of the unpainted sheet metal from above, when we put a wedge between the plastic seal or the lower drain holes.

You can also dismantle some element ( The inside door handle) but avoided this procedure to save time. For example. The rear fenders are required to remove the internal components of the boot, or (this also applies to the front fenders) plastic wheel arches. When you get access to the indentation, they push them multiple light traffic using tools of various sizes and shapes.

Some professionals use the tools factory, while others create their own proprietary hardware. Repair does not always succeed at the first attempt – sometimes remains small footprint. If this happens, indentation pushes a bit exaggerated to form a hill, and then using a special Teflon mallet gently leveled surface. Mallet is made of a material less hard than ordinary paint but allows for a peaceful shaping of metal.

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