Regarding the fluorescent materials or items, in recent years become increasingly popular include by the proponents of safety on the road. On considers, excessive decoration of vehicles (  By painting large external surfaces or parts fluorescent paint) is divided, in particular as regards the wheel, even though some of the drivers within the tuning paint the parts of the wheel fluorescent paint. Nevertheless, the fluorescent coatings are generally very useful not only for determining the exterior of the car but also to the specific details contained in the cab. Cost to repair scratch on car remove scratches from paint.

(27-02-2017) When our car is washed, it is much easier to assess the condition of the paint and notice all the cracks and holes on its surface. To get rid of this type of damage, you must first assess the scale of the damage. See how wide and deep the scratches.

Traditionally, speaking of fluorescent paint, we mean tips clocks in the cockpit of the machine. However, they are trifles, which quickly find we often depend on when the car goes after dark. It is usually discreet signs. With fluorescent paints involves some myths. One is UV protection. To a certain extent it is, but the fluorescent paint also must be protected against UV radiation, because without the protective layer is exposed to fading and tarnishing. To protect the paint fluorescent UV  paint can serve another, even a UV screen. Cost to repair scratch on car eliminates scratches on the paint.

They are sometimes more or less transparent

Most fluorescent paint characterized in that there are at least slightly transparent. They can also have various degrees of transparency, therefore, they are generally applied at least on a white backing. In the case of cars on the last layer of paint is put ordinary   On the body. Sometimes they are painted (  Decoratively) or chromed aluminum parts, the fluorescent paint is applied without primer. The most common are the fluorescent paint produced on the basis of acrylic. Most of these products are sold in the spray, which simplifies its application. Cost to repair scratch on car remove any scratches from car paint.

It is rare that someone painted fluorescent paint the entire car body. Increasingly, driver painted the  paint rims, mirrors or emblems. And here curiosity is fluorescent Plastic blaze at a price 55 pounds. It is a coating, but also rubber layer that protects include acids and corrosion. It can be applied in different ways – by spraying, brushing and dipping. On the other hand,  paint Color Works for 25 pounds, sold in containers with a capacity of 400 ml, it is intended for the white primer to enhance the effect of light. In a similar price (23,40 pounds for 400 ml) can be purchased Deco Color FLOU. Cost to repair scratch on car ensures complete removal of scratches from car.

Before you put it and the position of the paint

Separately, in bottles resembling those for cosmetic paint, you can buy  paint fluorescent instructions. This is an acrylic lacquer, a two-component. Definitely, he has nothing to do with nail polish. You can choose from at least 6 colors. It is very cheap because the 6 colors will pay 6.99 pounds. For a variety of surfaces, not necessarily metal, can be used yellow Craft Spray in the price of 19.99 pounds per 400 ml. If the  paint is recommended to not only the position of the previously white primer – the position of the fluorescent layer, cover it with clear lacquer. Cost to repair scratch on car allows you to remove scratches on the paint.

Still, before we put primer, an iron principle is the thorough cleaning of the surface – sandpaper, degreasing, and drying. Before using the spray container should be shaken. In addition, fluorescent paint does not necessarily tolerate a longer stay in the sun, so if we want to guarantee its permanence (including color), it is a good way is to put on the  paint that protects against ultraviolet radiation. It is too early to put the maximum number of layers of fluorescent paint.

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