Speed reduction, stopping the vehicle at the desired location, immobilization – these actions are related to the work of the braking system, which is one of the most important elements of each car. Unfortunately, it is not faultless.

What are the most common brake failures in vehicles and how do they deal with them? To this question, every driver should know the answer. Without a properly functioning braking system, there is no safe driving. Every driver should check his condition regularly and immediately correct any malfunctions. Even minor damage to the braking system will significantly reduce road safety. Unfortunately, the facts are that in many cars the brakes are in a bad state. Drivers do not always realize how dangerous it can be. Vibrating steering wheel or pulling the car during braking, spring brake pedal, squeaks when braking or brake pedal on the floor – are the most common symptoms of brake failure. Never underestimate them, each signal requires the immediate response. The most common brake failures are wear of discs or discs, leakage or wear of brake fluid, brake pump failure. Each clearly reduces the effectiveness of the braking system.

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Brake pads are a very important part of the braking system. They are responsible for the proper stopping of the vehicle. Their wear has an effect on the braking distance. The most common failure of brake pads is their uneven wear and overheating. Uneven wear occurs when the pads cooperate with the worn brake discs. Often the reason is also the wrong selection of the size of the pad, which in consequence will be unevenly abrasive. When it comes to overheating of the pads, it is a direct cause of their locking in the brake yoke or incorrect retraction of the brake piston. Often the drivers themselves expose the pads to overheating while holding the brake pedal depressed while descending. Damaged brake pads must be replaced immediately. The company responsible for the manufacture of blocks is BOSCH. The blocks cost about 100 pounds. Keep in mind that blocks must never be replaced with one wheel, as this can lead to instability when braking. You have to do it in all circles at the same time!

The wheel is the active part of the braking system. Their task is to work smoothly with the brake pads, causing friction to stop the vehicle. A very common failure of brake discs is the appearance of grooves on them. They cause pollution on the friction pads (sand, stones). A common problem is also the appearance of corrosion caused by atmospheric conditions. As often happens, overheating of the shield. This is the result of blocking the blocks in the brake caliper. Replacement of used discs is a must. When looking for good shields, you should choose the ATE brand. Their prices range from 200 pounds to 400 pounds.

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