There is an opinion that the overload of the vehicle is only for trucks and vans. Often, however, it is also a problem of car drivers. What are the consequences of overloading your car?

Commercial drivers of trucks and vans know the permissible payload, as well as the effects of overcharging. Unfortunately, most drivers are unaware of the great risk of overloading. In the meantime, the maximum gross weight is a very important parameter, especially when heavy objects are transported by car. Where can I find the maximum allowable mass? Of course, in the vehicle registration book (item F1). Despite the availability of this data, many drivers ignore this and thus expose themselves, passengers and other road users to extreme danger.

What about this payload?
The heavy load of the vehicle clearly deteriorates its driving. This is dangerous for both the car and the people traveling. Exceeding the permissible payload is not as hard as it might seem. In passenger cars, the limit is usually about 400 kg. Assume that there are three adult passengers (80, 65 and 55 kg) in the car besides the driver (body weight 85 kg). The car is equipped with an LPG system and is fully refilled (a liter of gas is 0.5 kg) So we get almost 300 kg. If we go on vacation and every passenger has their luggage, it turns out that there is not much room for maneuver. When thinking about the permissible load, it is also important to add all that has been fitted after the car has left the factory, such as the roof rack. If you are going on a long journey, you should reasonably approach the topic and get rid of unnecessary things, so make a place for luggage.

Car overloading is a potential threat to people, but can also affect the vehicle’s technical condition. It’s not worth the risk. When packing for a trip or wanting to transport a cargo, let us be common sense, the manufacturer of the car for no reason because he determined the maximum payload, which must not be exceeded.

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