Traditional painting

No one hardly would have made a painting of the whole car only due to the spring frills. The whole process is in fact quite complicated, time-consuming, expensive and requires a real skill and experience. You may be tempted to say that the driver even painters avoid like the plague.

Keep in mind that besides incurring the high costs associated with the price of the service, paint car also loses its value. It is likely that during the subsequent sales potential buyer wishes to measure the thickness of the paint coating using a special meter. Then, any deviations from the norm ( the thickness of the layers of the factory) may suggest that the car was involved in a road accident, or cullet, and thus was re-painted. Explaining that only wanted to change the color of the body they will be considered as a bad joke. Application of the next layer of paint on a vehicle only to satisfy their desires, it is therefore not the best idea, because it would do more harm than good. During the paint car, be careful, or let it to the professionals.

(27-02-2017) Scratches and scrapes on the paint is a worry unless each driver, painted bumpers outlined in almost any car, or a long crack in the rear lamps to the front made. The key to bare metal looks awful. It should get rid of them using the services of the best company that removing scratches from car paint.


The second alternative is taping the car foil sheets. It is still not the cheapest procedure, but pay for it much less than for a change in the color of the car during a visit to the paint shop. The very process of applying it is quite problematic because it requires not only skill but also the use of a heat gun. While the coverage of small body parts (for example, mirrors or strips) should handle themselves, so larger areas (like a roof or doors) will be a challenge. Then it is necessary to provide the car to the workshop specialist, where he trained in this matter the person perfectly lay foil on the body of our car. Despite all this, it involves additional costs because they will have to pay not only for the material itself but also for the execution of the service. The price of such films is dependent on the color, texture and finish the process. Most preferably between about 50 to 100 pounds per square meter, although the most original patterns (e.g. imitating) are much more expensive.

Plasti Dip

The last way to quickly change the image of the car is the use of film in the spray called Plasti Dip. This rubber coating which when applied (by spraying, brushing or dipping) dries on the surface, the illusion of remembering standard paint. Apart from creating the same metamorphosis of our car, the foil protects the car body against impact of stones, scratches, road salt and rust. Even if the color of the car satisfies us, we can impose on him a colorless layer, precisely in order to provide him with additional protection.

Plasti Dip is the cheapest, and also the fastest and easiest way to change the color of the vehicle. Of course, it would be good to decide to donate the car in the hands of professionals specializing in the plant, but no major obstacles we are able to do it themselves. Outsourcing this service is associated with additional costs – in the case of painting the whole car price fluctuates around 1400-1800 pounds. In this amount already includes the material required to change the color of the vehicle and hopefully in mind that it is dependent on its size and the type of paint, for which the. The process itself does not require above-standard capabilities, so if only we have the right conditions and at least a minimal desire to work, then we try to do it yourself.

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