Paint care significantly rejuvenates the car. However, this requires appropriate equipment and skills. With the help of the polisher, we can restore the glow of the car body and get rid of minor imperfections.

Refreshing the color of the paint makes the car more attractive. Many people still stick to the classic hand polishing of the car body with a suitable lotion, but it requires a lot of hours and energy. Hand polishing is a big effort. More and more people start their adventure with a car polisher, which greatly facilitates the work, and the effect obtained with it is much more visible. Of course, for a private use, cheap polisher will be cheap and simple, but if you like good quality equipment or you think more professional, you should look at higher-end machines whose prices start at around 500 pounds.

Types of polishes
There are two types of motorcycles on the market: rotating, or rotating, and orbital, recommended for beginners. Rotary brush removes a lot of paint defects, but without experience, it is very easy to get the opposite effect to the desired and wipe the paint. The orbital engine produces less heat compared to its competition, so it more often forgives mistakes. Of course, if the paint is not in tragic condition, it will be our first polishing machine, it will be better for the orbital model. Also known as the dual action, both rotational and orbital modes are also available. The purchase of such equipment will allow us to avoid costly lacquer repairs in case of damage due to improper use of the machine.

What to look for
No matter what kind of polishing machine we choose, let’s look at its weight. Polishing work can be time-consuming depending on the degree of paint damage. Thanks to the great speed control, we can adjust the speed to your preference. High ideal for the initial paint correction, while the low setting option is the perfect solution for finishing work.

Choosing the right polishing machine is not an easy task. Before buying, consider what polishing works require the paint off our car. Do not forget about the choice of good polishing paste, which will further facilitate our work.

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