It might seem that such work should only be performed at the renowned specialist service. Nothing could be further from the truth! Of course, if you want, you can outsource this service in the workshop, but surely you will pay dearly for it. If you have already chosen to do so, carefully select service – professional experience is very important that you do not accidentally damage the paintwork. Professional auto paint colors will do it well.


As well the whole procedure to refresh you can make yourself. Perhaps the effect will not be as spectacular, though no doubt the difference can be seen with the naked eye, and your car again starts to attract the gaze of passers.

(27-02-2017) Car wash sponge gritty scraping bird droppings and other debris can damage paintwork and cause corrosion. Some faults can, however, remove yourself without involving painter. Daily use and scrubbing the car is a tough test for the paintwork of the car, which in addition to aesthetic appearance, also serves as a protective function in relation to the car body.

First of all, you must start by washing his car. Never underestimate the element. Inaccurate clear the body can cause on the surface will remain sharp particles. Sand, which at a later stage refresh rate may seriously damage the coating of paint. Specialists as recommended hand washing the car. While a visit to the car wash pressure is much faster and easier solution, the strong impact of water causing micro-scratches. The use of such services once in a while is rather safe, but regular cleaning of this kind is not desirable from the perspective of damage to the paintwork.

It is, therefore, apparent that nothing can replace a soft brush and run water. Washing the start of the windshield, then go to the other and then to the body. Carefully select the formulation that applies and rinse thoroughly foam otherwise arise unsightly streaks.

If the body is already prepared, you can go to the next stage – waxing. The key is to purchase a valuable product, the best use of the preparations renowned brands. Then you have a greater certainty of excellent results, as much depends on the same technique waxing. Make a circular motion with a soft cloth, preferably made of microfiber. Try to avoid the use of cloth, because the untrained hand can cause scratches and unevenly spread wax. Especially recommended products are enriched with polymers, which penetrate into the structure of the paint and strengthen its shell. Do not skip thresholds and warrants of bumpers!

These components are of paramount importance and is characterized by a twofold action. First, they give the paint former splendor and vivid color – just as if the car had just rolled off the production line. Secondly, however, form an invisible layer of protection against many harmful agents. For the most dangerous for lacquer include strong summer sun and a sprinkling of salt on the roads during the winter.

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