Degradation of driving behavior may result from wear of components or factory suspension, whose nature is not conducive to aggressive driving. So how do you make your car respond better to the steering wheel and be more stable on the bends?

Does wheel size matter?

Increasingly popular and more popular is the replacement of factory wheels with their larger counterparts. At least in this movement is not about the possibility of placing brake discs of larger diameter, but above all about appearance. Larger rims make the car look more aggressive and better presented on the road.

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The larger diameter and width of the wheel also allows for wider tires with the smaller profile and therefore higher altitude. Larger tire size mainly translates into increased surface contact with the surface. This improves the grip and reduces the braking distance on dry and wet roads. On the other hand, the wide tire can be difficult to drive on the rut and on the hollow roads, which in our country is not lacking. The smaller profile of the tire, however, increases the stiffness of the tire, making the car more responsive to steering movements and improved handling characteristics.

In order to improve driving performance, it is also important to remember the quality of the tires. By choosing brand tires, we can be sure that its design is optimized for top performance. Among the leading manufacturers are Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Continental.

Used suspension parts

Rigid suspension, no loosening, is the basis for keeping the best driving characteristics. McPherson’s suspension arms and columns are the basic components of the car. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the rubber-metal sleeves corresponding to damping of the vibrations transmitted to the rockers.

The condition of the stabilizer is also important, whose fastening elements, such as connectors or central sleeves, are often damaged. Significant deterioration of steering may also be caused by the steering system, which often touches the ends of the rods.

Not only does the state of the guide elements affect the behavior of the car in the corners. Equally important are the components that have a resilient and damping function. The first of them are primarily helical springs. Their rigidity affects the swing of the bodywork while driving, and consequently on the ride characteristics. Shock absorbers play an important role. Their deteriorated condition will cause the grip of the wheels to fall, especially in the case of roads with numerous defects.

Restoring the suspension to its original state may not be enough for demanding drivers. Nothing is lost because you can always try to make unprofessional modifications. The best and cheapest option will be to replace the suspension spring for harder and lowering. This tuning will make the car feel less tilted during off-road driving, which will improve ride characteristics. Everything thanks to the stiffness of the suspension and the lowering of the clearance which allows the center of gravity to move closer to the roadway.

For the complete set of springs of recognized manufacturers, such as Eibach, we will pay about 600 pounds. For the set, you should buy new shock absorbers with sports damping characteristics, which cost about 1000-1500 pounds.

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