The ten-car with the petrol engine is a dream for many Poles. They have appreciated especially comfortable and multi-purpose vehicles Family Compact class and the average higher. What could spoil in the car and what will be the cost of repairs?

(27-02-2017) If the scratches on our paint are in a wider area, and the paint on the components of the body is clearly tarnished, we can try to make themselves for the polishing using a rotary polisher. It must be equipped with two caps, which we put on a harder polishing paste and spherical movements rubbed it into the elements, and softer used to polish the paint coating liquid regulator colors or liquid into her smoothing.

This ten-car costs 10 to 20 thousand.  pounds, and that it can still be operated for at least several years. Included in the price are primarily German and Japanese vehicles. Ten-year auto can have a very high mileage. It should be no surprise 200-250 thousand. km on the odometer. More notes 100 thousand. km and to ensure that the owner of the car was an older driver who drove alone to the church. Each car before you buy you need to double check, using all sorts of methods available. Best to do a technical study in a friendly mechanic or diagnostician and check the history of the car after the VIN.

Not only engine

In this article, we draw attention to the drivetrain, but it is worth remembering that in the decade of the car there are many problems. Auto can be attacked by corrosion, which is able to properly damage the chassis, bodywork, exhaust system, suspension cups etc. In addition, the worst damage is repairable. Many unscrupulous sellers trying to conceal them. Small, poorly repaired damage is also the reason for the occurrence of corrosion. Large may result in a violation of car design, which no longer guarantees the safety in case of another incident of a road. Merchants will not fit in the post-accident car airbags. The cost of their installation would, in fact, higher than the price of the vehicle. Problems can make air conditioning if it was not properly serviced. Investment often requires the suspension of the car. Here new arms you will have to pay from 200 to 300  pounds, and a set of shock absorbers from 300  pounds up.

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