There are few people completely do not pay attention to the condition of the paint of your car. And I can bet that their cars look … sad. Dirty, scratched, miserable. A supply of paint to a state of almost perfect does not require a lot of labor. Plastic bumper repair is the best solution to repair the bumper.

We begin by washing

(27-02-2017) If you have scratches on car body Start with a thorough rinse the car with high pressure water and wash it with a sponge. Forgive yourself touchless car washes or automatic because the paint has to be really clean. Do not use wax or any preparations preservatives.

Accurate car wash must be the beginning of operation “paint like new.” Plastic bumper repair will allow you to restore the luster of the bumper. As a result, we get rid of the first layer of dirt, and we will see what has so far been mercifully hidden from our eyes. To wash the car is best to buy a special sponge – a big, soft and has a small mesh of which does not penetrate the sand and dirt. Using an ordinary sponge, even those that wash back to his wife, scrub only the delicate surface of the body. A great solution would be the acquisition of a large number of towels and microfiber cloths. The house also comes in handy. Plastic bumper repair provide the best repair the bumper. To wash we need more shampoo, preferably without wax, if we are going to regenerate paint.

The front of the car, mask or mirrors can be treated with agents to remove insects. They are safe for the paint but well soften the organic mass. A great way to get rid of the hard and dried-on dirt is to use a special structure. It’s a plastic, somewhat similar to modeling clay. Just crush it, form a ball and rub the bodywork covered with water and shampoo. Glinka great collects stubborn dirt. It is not cheap – one portion of its costs from 30 pounds up, enough for at least a few decent wash, so you might want to invest in it. Looks can lightly, but it’s great stuff.

Why else should you reach for? Formulations that remove tarnished and oxidized layer of paint and minor scratches. No need to worry about damage to the body even after repeated use, because it’s quite mild. If our car is a dark paint, it is worth to use furniture polish, which gives it a distinctive, so-called. wet look. Both formulations cost between 30-40 pounds and upwards. Plastic bumper repair reliably and quickly fix your bumper.


Plastic bumper repair –

Or polisher?

If you still use the entire surface of the paint you can see minor scratches, you may decide. This procedure, for which a professional workshop you have to pay quite a lot, but almost equally effective can be done yourself. We need polishing paste. Soft cloth distributes small quantities. Gently, as if we massaged the back beloved person. We can also do this using the appropriate electro equipment, the ideal is a rotary polisher (over 100 pounds) or oscillating sander (min. 200-300 pounds). If we use an angle grinder, of course, with a suitable adapter, and so we paint, and we do not want. It should also be careful that between the cloth and paint or between the surface polishing and paint no dirt. Plastic bumper repair take care of the renewal of the bumper of your car. One grain can, in this case, cause a lot of damage. After polisher self-sufficient again thoroughly washed.

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