The durability of a wax based coating depends on many factors, among which one of the most important is the proper preparation of the lacquer. How to bring the car body to a state that allows for effective wax application?

Durability of the wax and preparation of the substrate
The service life of the wax is closely related to the robustness of the substrate preparation prior to application. The presence of any kind of impurities or dirt will make the adhesion of the protective coating insufficient and the wax instead of maintaining a few months, after two weeks will flow with the first heavy rains. A clean body is one, and its condition is the second issue affecting the length of the wax coating. The neglected lacquer close to it assumes a rugged structure that is the result of chemical processes (oxidation) on its surface. Therefore, it may be necessary to polish the wax.

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General cleaning with a shampoo is the first step to prepare a lacquer for further care. It should be preceded by thorough rinsing of the body from loose dirt, preferably using a pressure washer. If you want to safely and effectively wash your car, use a microfibre glove, which is better to collect dirt than a regular sponge.

When buying a shampoo, it is a good idea to choose from leading manufacturers that have a neutral pH and plentiful foaming to reduce friction. Among recommended brands worth mentioning Shiny Garage – 500 ml shampoo costs about 15 pounds. The most demanding users will be satisfied with Meguiars Gold Class Wash Shampoo. It costs about 35 pounds for 473 ml.

Step two: lacquering
Hand shampoo alone cannot remove the most persistent dirt, including residual resins, asphalt, and tar. This type of pollution is most often found in the lower part of the body, especially in the vicinity of the thresholds. The remedies for tar & glue remover are good for removing them, which can quickly dissolve difficult dirt of different origins. An example of an effective product is an ADBL cosmetic, whose 500 ml spray pack costs about 30 pounds.

The highest level of initiation is the addition of lacquer with clay. This cosmetic takes the form of a plastic substance with abrasive properties. Thanks to it, you can thoroughly remove the smallest dirt, including the most difficult category, with which the universal remover of tar, glue or resin cannot cope. Use clay with a lubricant, which reduces friction and protects the paint from scratching. It can be a quick retailer or water with detergent sprayed onto the surface of the paint. Basic models of such manufacturers as 3M or ValetPRO can be purchased for about 25 pounds.

Perfectly clean body is a great opportunity to carry out a correction of the paint. It is best to use a mechanical polishing machine that will shorten the work time and increase their effectiveness, especially if the lacquer is neglected and has a lot of scratches. It is best to use high-quality polishing paste, which will guarantee the safety of the paint and excellent effect. One of the most popular products is the Meguiars Ultimate Compound, which costs about 60 pounds for 450 ml.

The polished body is the best base for wax application, as the paint is perfectly smooth and guarantees the best adhesion for cosmetics. The result of comprehensive care and protection will be immaculately glossy and perfectly protected lacquer.

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