In summer, every car journey is associated with a real hunting for insects. They smashed the hood, leaving difficult to remove marks. Windows, lights, barbecue and other body parts, even after a short ride can be densely covered with remnants of insects. Scratch repair make, that you will not see anything.

In addition to the ugly appearance, crushed insects can cause serious damage, because the substances they contain corrosive and deeply penetrate the surface of the body. Caused by micro-will not yet be visible immediately, but in the future will result in a matt paint. This article will suggest how to deal with the seasonal invasion of insects.

(27-02-2017) First, we must determine whether the crack is a crack or scratch. Scratch is not too deep and can not see the base, however, is only slight loss, crack is deep you can see primer or bare metal sheet, in extreme cases is also dent. When we know what we have to do, we can get to work.

Scratch repair

First and foremost, the insect remains and dirt body can not be avoided. Scratch repair ensure the best repair paint. They constitute an integral part of a trip in the spring-summer season. It should, however, take care of the bodywork own car the more that today’s paints are much less resistant to adverse substances than coatings used in the past. Long surging on the elements of the body of dirt can cause irreversible damage to our paint. Microscopic amounts of corrosive substances, which are emitted from the remnants of insects are able to deeply penetrate the surface of the paint, causing micro-irreversible. Scratch repair will be quickly done by professionals. Therefore, deleting them is not worth it to wait until the next visit to the car wash, but clean them up to date. The more that the same washing traditional shampoo or body with a pressure washer is usually not enough. The remains of insects are difficult to remove, so you should take advantage of special preparations. Among the amenities offered car easily find a formula for cleaning the body of the insect. You should carefully read the instructions for use and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The most common method is to spray the soil preparation and waiting a certain time, and then removing the dirt with water. Scratch repair will regain the original luster paint. Most of this type of cosmetics is equipped with a convenient applicator or spray because self-cleaning does not take a lot of time and does not require special preparation. If the first attempt is insufficient, action should be repeated for effect. Typically, the second spraying, dirt already subjected to the action of the cleaning substance. If you do not plan to wash the whole body, but only the removal of squashed, cleaned the place should be thoroughly rinsed with water, not to leave residues on the paint preparation. In addition, please note that the cleaning is not carried out in the full sun or on a hot body. This is best done in the shade, a few hours after the last trip when the body is cold. Scratch repair certainly make your car will look like new.


As we said earlier, insects crushed on the hood is an integral part of driving in the summer. This problem can not be avoided in any way. But it is worth to equip them in preparation for the removal of dirt and think properly secured body. Most commercially available waxes for the body is suitable protection paint. Modern corrosion inhibitor use of nanotechnology, which involves penetration of molecules on the molecular level. Such cosmetics deeply penetrate the surface of the paint coating and provide the best protection body. The car well not escape the truth of contact with insects, but they will be much easier to remove and do not damage the paint. Waxing is best done early in the season and repeats after each washes the body. The paint care suited to both waxes applied manually, as well as the spray jet.Scratch repair is a robust solution that will enhance the look of your car. But remember that before waxing thoroughly wash the car body. All they left on its surface dirt or remnants of squashed, if they are extra – will continue to destroy our paint.


Scratch repair –

Keeping your car clean in the summer season is not as difficult as in the autumn or winter when we have to deal with rain and salt generously spill on our roads. You should be aware of the adverse effect of some stains appearing in the spring-summer season. Crushed insects, tree pollen, resin or bird droppings are dirty, we should quickly remove, using special preparations. Otherwise, we risk the surface paint on the chemical substances contained in the organic impurities. Some of them are able to deeply penetrate the paint and cause irreparable damage. Scratch repair do not leave traces of the features of the car. Therefore, in the summer should use appropriate cosmetics for the body.

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