In search of an interesting way to modify the appearance of the car, it is worth looking at opportunities to change the color wheel. As it turns out, it does not mean a visit to the painter and spending several hundred pounds.

Painted or not?

(27-02-2017) Comprehensive cleaning of the vehicle, combined with the renovation of paint and later his is a complex activity that requires time and commitment. It should, however, dedicate one afternoon to the correct refresh and protect the paintwork in our car to be able to enjoy it for many years. This is really important, because the new, environmentally friendly automotive paint are far less durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions than those applied several years ago.

Changing the color wheel through the powder coating is certainly the most durable, but also the most expensive method. The same painting with powder spraying will cost approx. 100 pounds apiece. To this must be added the amount needed to pictures of tires with rims and their reinsertion with balancing. Before painting, it is recommended to also repair all damages, including any straightening. Another troublesome issue is the immobilization of the car at the time of painting elements, especially when we do not have a replacement set of wheels. The whole process can effectively deter amateur modification and prompt them to look for a solution cheaper, faster and above all reversible.

Synthetic rubber spray

For people who for various reasons do not want or can not decide on a professional painting rims, a good alternative may be synthetic rubber. It is a flexible material that dries in the air and has a high resistance to weather conditions, including extreme temperatures.

The coating can be applied in many different ways, but most fans will satisfy the availability of practical materials in the form of a spray. To change the color of a set of aluminum wheels in a 16 ” takes about two containers with a capacity of 400 ml, which in practice means the expenditure of from 80 to 150 pounds, depending on the manufacturer. One of the most popular is coming from overseas Plasti Dip, which in 2012 introduced the technology to the English market. You can also opt for other, less expensive and do not necessarily inferior products, such as. Plastic Lak, Spray Plast or Plastic Skin.

The advantage of rubber technology, a wide range of colors, which includes bright colors: yellow, green, blue or pink. Deciding to buy rubber spray, but you can not forget about the limitations of the material, especially his endurance. The rubber coating will protect the paint from dirt, grease, and sand. However, any scratches or impact caused eg. By the action of automatic car wash brushes can cause damage. Synthetic rubber dries look like a film used for wrapping cars, so you can also come across the notion of “film spray”, which is used interchangeably with the term “rubber spray.”

Painting car

The process of changing the color wheel with rubber spray is simple. You do not need any special tools, and most importantly, the gum can be applied without removing the wheels of the vehicle. The first stage is the proper preparation of the surface to be sprayed material. Rims must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and grease. Able to benefit from the soapy water and benzine. It should be remembered also brake components, eg. Using film.

Gum should be sprayed with a few thin layers to achieve the effect of full coverage of the selected color. At the end sufficient to remove excess material from the tire and the work was done. At this point, it appears to be also another advantage of the rubber technology, because once applied material can easily break, leaving the adhesive on the surface of the wheel.

The use of synthetic rubber spray is the easiest way to find out how to show off our car with an altered color wheel. This method is not only simple but also relatively inexpensive and requires little labor. But keep in mind that the effect of the color change is temporary and wanting to get it fixed, you will need to opt for a visit to the painter.

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