Do you know how to deal with the damage the paint? Remember that leaving cracks and thus their vulnerability to external factors could cause serious damage body. Car dent removal remove dents your paint.

(27-02-2017) When our car is washed and got rid of the major feature of his body, we can further protect the paintwork, imposing on the surface layer of car wax. In addition aesthetic wax creates a special protective barrier that prevents, among others, sticking sand, dust, bird droppings or asphalt paint. As a result, our car longer looks fresh and get rid of previously difficult-to-remove dirt, comes far easier.

Damaged paint in the car

The aesthetically looking car is well-maintained the vehicle that attracts attention passers-by and other drivers. It may not be the newest model that has just left the assembly line. Today’s coatings used to cover the body provide excellent appearance even in cars several years, as long as they are properly maintained and cleaned. Car dent removal restore paintwork fresh and great look.

But even the most caring owner may not be able to prevent scratches or other damage the paint on the door or bonnet. Just incompetently lead car in the crowded parking lot or in a hurry to scratch the bodywork key while opening the car door. What’s more, the car can be scratched on the aforementioned parking lot by another driver or even a biker leading.

As you can see, therefore, about the scratch on the paint very easily, so you want to know the ways to quickly and easily get rid of them.

How to choose the best method to remove paint damage?

Certainly, the most effective way is to visit a painter. The specialist will select the appropriate color and use proper equipment will make the damaged area will look just like new. The disadvantage of this solution is, of course, the cost, which usually starts with a few hundred gold even if small cracks. It is, therefore uses other ways that are much gentler on your wallet. Car dent removal ensure the removal of dents in the car.

The choice of the appropriate method depends primarily on the size and depth of features. Of course, it is more severe and visible, the more difficult it will be to remove, and in some cases will not do without a ride to the painter. Many times, however, with the ensuing problems you deal alone, and the cost of the necessary resources and components does not exceed a few dozen gold.

Keep in mind that in some cases it is not worth too long to use the methods of covering scratch. Inaccurate or her coverage because wrong selection method will lead to further destruction of the body, and in the end even interrupt its continuity.

small cracks

Before you start any action on the body, first you have to prepare, which is washed thoroughly and decrease. This way you get a smooth surface on which you will be able to impose various measures.

Among the most popular are markers for the body, which you can simply paint over the scratch. Remember how choosing the best color – in the case of older cars do not always agree on the color catalog, as this is small change as a result of the sun and other external factors. Moreover, this method is also relatively unstable. Car dent removal provide the best protection varnish and its renewal.

The emulsions are much better for the lacquer and waxes. Especially for this second method, you need more time to polish the applied preparation respectively. This will give a smooth surface and it will look just like a new car.

With serious damage and rust – touch up

Touch-up is used in situations where the body appears rust. Undue delays at this stage may result in the need to replace the entire item.

As with other methods, it is very important is to choose the color, and in this regard prevail here exactly the same rules. If you have trouble deciding, you can ask for help from the vendor.

Secondly, you can not limit their activities only to the fault. In this way the finished dope will be very visible, you feel it touch the body, and that’s not the point.

At the beginning grind away the entire layer, which corrodes and its immediate surroundings. This gives you a smooth transition from the “live” sheet to the outer layer of paint.

Then apply a thin layer of putty as possible. Larger the amount does not affect the durability, only faster to destroy and fall off. Once fully dry, you are ready to apply paint. Try to do it evenly and thoroughly. If at some point you leave it too thick layer, you can then sanded,   Using an electric polisher.

However, even the best-made dope is not a solution for years. Usually, it works for several months after this time will be much better to go to a professional painter.

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